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Faculty of Technology and Teachers » ABOUT TECHNOLOGY AND FACULTY OF EDUCATION


Technology and Faculty of Education - Centre of academic, pedagogical and engineering personnel for general and vocational education, production workers. Technology and Faculty of Education started its history in 1976. Since 2007, the Department is a member of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Technology Education. 
department head doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Tkachuk, SI 
faculty is composed of three departments: the theory and methods of teaching technologies (head doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Kobernik O. M.), technical and technological disciplines, occupational health and life safety (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Azizov TN), chair of professional education and computer technology (head doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Hedzyk AM ). 
educational process provides faculty, including nine doctors, professors, 11 candidates of pedagogical sciences, associate professors, 3 candidates of technical sciences, associate professors and 8 lecturers. 
Faculty continuous training in educational levels, "bachelor" "specialist" and "master" full-time and part-time basis in the following areas and specialties:

Technological education. Specialization: Computer Science

Technological education. Specialization: Physical Education

Vocational education. Food Technology

Vocational education. Woodworking

Vocational education. Computer Technology

The faculty is postgraduate specialty "Theory and methods of teaching technology." 
In terms of quality education at the Faculty established a research laboratory " Problems of technological education secondary school students 'training center for the study of folk art.The students and classrooms, laboratories, workshops, computer labs, which are equipped with modern facilities. Special attention is given to practical training of specialists technological and vocational education. So the students specialty "Professional Education. Woodworking" have to work on modern machines for furniture manufacturing complex furniture as well as furniture enterprises in the city. Students specialty "Professional Education. Nutritional Technologies" during an internship working chefs in catering city canteens, cafes, restaurants. Students specialty "Professional Education. Computer Technology" acquire practical skills for working with PC at commercial enterprises and educational institutions on the basis of I-II accreditation levels. Students specialty "Technology Education" are educational and pedagogical practices in secondary schools of the city, district and region, working as a group leader in extracurricular educational institutions, camps (Alushta, Evpatoria), are technological practice-based businesses Uman and training and production workshops of the University. 
primary goal of technological and pedagogical faculty - to make the learning process effective, interesting, diverse, democratic, that promotes professional and personal qualities of the teacher of the XXI century, competent teachers, ready to participate in innovation processes Ukrainian education, educate free-thinking, creative, independent citizens of Ukraine can cooperate effectively with society.