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Faculty of Technology and Teachers » Department of Technical and technological disciplines, occupational health and life safety

Department of Technical and technological disciplines, occupational health and life safety
Azizov Talat
Chair, PhD, professor, member of the Academy of Ukraine

The department of technical and technological disciplines, occupational health and life safety are 10 teachers, including: 1 PhD, 1 Doctor of Education, 4 Ph.D., Ph.D. 1, 4 teachers.
Azizov Talat   - Chair, Dr. teh.nauk Professor
Hritchenko Anatoliy  - Doctor ped.nauk (worker)
Avramenko Oleg  - kand.ped.nauk, Associate Professor (doctoral studies)
Kravchenko Lesya  - kand.ped.nauk, Associate
Kovalchuk Yriy  - kand.ped.nauk, Senior Lecturer
Melnyk Alexey - Teacher
Melnyk Aleksandr kand.ped.nauk, Senior Lecturer
Lyulchenko Vyacheslav  - Teacher
Suslo Larisa   - Teacher 
Yashchuk Sergey  - kand.ped.nauk, Associate Professor (doctoral studies)
Zalensky Alexey  - Training Wizard
Balycheva Natalia  - Laboratory
Tkachenko Alain   - Laboratory
Polishchuk  Ilya  - Laboratory
Tryhubchuk Elena  - Laboratory
Churpita Sergey  - Laboratory


Short information about the history of the department

Department of Technical and technological disciplines was established in 1978. Kind words do remember its veterans department staff, docents Kuyan NG, Kochetkova YP, Pechurytsyu AM Tatarchuk VS, senior teachers Zatheyeva VM Buryk IP, and Semenenko . O., teaching artists Kizlyka VV VV Dikhtyarenko and others.
In different years the department was headed by Associate Professor Pahotin KK, AA Yakushev, Kankovskyy IE, V. Goncharenko, Forest NV to strengthen educational facilities, creating conditions for the educational process. Thanks to them intensified scientific work of all teachers.
In connection with the formation of the Faculty of Teacher Training General Technics and Labour Department during its existence several times Reorhanizovuvalas. In 1999, it was renamed the Department of "general technical subjects" in the chair "Technical and technological disciplines."
According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2008), teachers of the department were included in the working groups to develop training programs for specialized education process directly.
The Department collaborates with the Institute for Humanities and Technical Education National Pedagogical University. MP Drahomanova with the Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship Slavic-on-Kuban Pedagogical Institute and others. And active cooperation with foreign scientists in the field of study stress strain state structures (Moscow).

life safety and labor protection
production and processing of structural materials
Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines
electrical and electrical machinery
Engineering and Computer Graphics
history of engineering and technology
Material wood
teaching methods CTD
metrology, standardization and quality control
descriptive geometry and drawing
Fundamentals of Intellectual Property
basis of
basic techniques and technologies
basis of design technology
labor protection in
metal cutting machines and tools
modern information technology
thermal engineering and heat machine
mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics
technology of construction materials
Civil Protection

Contact Information:
Address 20300, Cherkasy region., Uman, str. Garden, 2, Bldg. Number 2.
Tel. (04744) 5-21-91
E-mail: udputpf@meta.ua