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Faculty of Technology and Teachers » Department of Theory and methods of teaching technology

Department of Theory and methods of teaching technology
Kobernik Alexander 
Chair, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor



The Department:

The department has 15 faculty, including 3 Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, 6 Ph.D., Senior Lecturer 1 and 4 teachers.



Piddyachyi Nikolai  
- doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor

Cena Andrei  - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Khomenko Lyudmila   - candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor

Dubova Natalia  - candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor

Tereshchuk Andrei  - candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor

Melentyev Oleg  - candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor

Berbets Vitaly  - candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor

Kharitonov Valentina  - candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor

Nelyub Anatoly - Senior Lecturer

Berbets Tatiana  - Teacher

Krutchenko Lily  - Teacher

Kylymnyk Mikhail  - Teacher

Potapkin Vitaly  - Teacher

Hayduk Vadim  - Teacher

Trofimovna Valentina - senior laboratory

Koblyk Lyudmila - Laboratory

Zadorozhna Lyudmila - Laboratory

Badanyuk Evdokia Laboratory

Taranenko Grigory zav.maysternyamy

Tereshchuk Ivan  - Training Wizard

Tovbushenko Boris - Training Wizard

Rekin Vyacheslav - Training Wizard

Short information about the history of the department

Theory and methods of teaching technologies created 8 September 1983 as a result of the reorganization of the Department of General Technics.

Over the years, the department was headed by:


Yukhymchuk Theodore  (1983 1987r.r.)  - doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, author of over 200 publications. By more than 10 candidates and doctors of science.

Ŝekoldín Arkady (1987 1997r.r.) - Dr. pedagogíčnih Sciences, Professor, Honored Teacher RSFSR, veteran Vijna. Buv FUNDATOR pidgotovki včitelív trudovogo navčannâ, Vendor perših navčalʹnih planív z z pidgotovki včitelív dvoh specialties, author naukovikh above 270 PRAC. Pídgotuvav over 50 kandidativ í doktorív doctrine.
Kobernik Alexander (1997-1998 GG from 2006 - to present)  - doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, author of over 250 publications produced one doctor of pedagogical sciences and 16 candidates of pedagogical sciences. Is the head of the research laboratory "Problems of labor training of pupils of rural schools."
Homenko Lyudmila (1998r.)  - associate professor, candidate pedagogіchnih science, author ponad 70 publіkatsіy, h yakih 1 monografіya 10 posіbnikіv, kerіvnik magіstersykih i diplomnih robіt.
Kravchenko Tamara (1998 2000r.r.)  - associate professor, candidate of pedagogical sciences. Renowned scholar of Ukraine serving techniques work. Author of over 50 publications, the head of degree and master works. 
Tkachuk Stanislav (2000-2006)  - Associate Professor, Ph.D., author of 80 publications, the head master and diploma, group leader "Problems prepare students for employment in today's ".

Teaching activities
Five idhotovka bachelors, masters and Technology and Faculty of Education is a team of theory and teaching methods technology, which provides teaching these subjects:


Practical training of students in preparation 6.010103 "technological education", and specialties 7.01010301, 8.01010301 "technological education" is done by spending pedagogical and technological practices.


Student Teaching students designed to solve a number of problems: to deepen and systematize special psycho-pedagogical knowledge of students in the practice of educational work with students, the formation of students' skills and competencies of the organization and training of self-awareness and educational work with students based on their age and individual characteristics; prepare students for various types of lessons with a variety of methods and educational technologies stimulate cognitive activity of students and others.


Research and methodological activities
Scientific and methodical work of the department staff aimed at improving teacher training technology education secondary schools. Faculty members of the research laboratory "Problems of technological education secondary school students' co-design and technological system of labor training, which is the basis of new content technological education secondary school pupils.


Program of labor education for grades 5-9, in the preparation of which involved lecturer, recognized as the best in the National competition training programs announced by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. The first time the content of labor education for students grades 5-9 in rural secondary schools, a model of technological education in upper secondary schools in rural reasonably basic modules of the training program "Fundamentals of agricultural production." Also developed curriculum and complex methods of school subject "Technology" for students grades 10-11.

Faculty are active authors collection of scientific papers "Psychological and pedagogical foundations of rural schools," professional issues "Labour training in modern school" and "Employment Training".

Since the establishment of the Department staff maintains close ties with leading research institutions in Ukraine: Ukraine Institute of Pedagogy, Institute of Education Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, National Pedagogical University M.Dragomanov, Ternopil National Pedagogical University V.Hnatyuka, Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University Kotsiubynsky, Poltava State Pedagogical University V.Korolenka, University of Technology "skirts" of universities and abroad.


The purpose of educational work is to develop nationally-conscious citizen of the future teacher employment training and technology, the ideal is to harmoniously developed, highly educated, creative, legally aware, socially active person who is endowed with great civic responsibility, high spiritual qualities, family and patriotic feelings brought in the best national traditions and is the bearer of the best achievements of national and world culture, capable of self-development and self-improvement.

Faculty regular roundtables, conferences, curator of hours dedicated to outstanding personalities and memorable dates on the history of Ukraine. Students organized trips to places of historical events, history museums in Ukraine.


Contact Information
 Address 20300, Cherkasy region., Uman, str. Garden, 2, Bldg. Number 2, room. 302.
Tel. 8 (04744) 5-21-91