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Faculty of Technology and Teachers » Department of Vocational Education and computer technologies

Department of Vocational Education and computer technologies
HEDZYK Andrei 
Chair, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Department of Vocational Education and Computer Technology was established in 2011.Head of the Department Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Andrei Hedzyk.

As part of the department employs 14 teachers: 6 professors, doctors, (including - 4 Combine), 3 PhD, associate professors, 6 lecturers.
Staff vocational education and computer technology:

1. Hedzyk Andrei - Chair, Ph.D., Professor

2. Tkachuk Stanislav - Ph.D., Professor

3. Deynychenko Gregory - Professor

4. Sidorenko Victor - Ph.D., Professor

5. Pinchevska Elena - Professor

6. Tverezovska Nina - Ph.D., Professor

Kravchenko Tamara  - k. p. n., Assistant Professor

Ghervas Olga  - k. p. n., Assistant Professor

9. Malyshevsky Oleg - k bp., Associate Professor

10. Besedina Svetlana - Cand., Associate Professor

11. Suslo Julia - Teacher

12. Susla Natalia - Teacher

13. Sazhiyenko Alexander  - Teacher

14. Nikolaievska Victoria - Teacher

15. Kvashuk Alexander  - Software Engineer

16. Malonos Yaroslav  - Software Engineer

17. Hudzenko Tatyana - Training Wizard

18. Popova Natalia - Training Wizard

19. Zhurba Galina - Training Wizard

20.  Filimonov Irina - Laboratory





Research work at the department related to the problem "Actual problems of training future engineers-teachers in higher education." Teachers develop guidelines, programs, organized exhibitions, meetings with industry professionals, workshops, aimed at improving the training of future engineers-teachers. 

resulted in research students are mastering the methods of scientific research, a deeper study of theoretical material in academic disciplines, performance course, degree, master's theses, and others. The main areas of research students have participated in the Scientific Student Conference USPU protection course and diploma projects, development of electronic textbooks and clarity.

The Department provides courses professional direction in the direction of 6.010104 Professional Education (for profiles): timber, food technology, computer technology:

Descriptive Geometry and Drawing
Engineering and Computer Graphics
Methods of teaching drawing
Theoretical and system programming
Computer simulation of manufacturing processes
Databases Information Systems
The use of information technology in the classroom
Theoretical Programming
Computer Networking
Computer models and their applications
Operating Systems
Web Technology
Information and OT
Hardware Computer Systems
Technological equipment industry
Construction and design of wood
Basics of Design
The technology of wood
Modeling and artistic decoration of wood
Fundamentals of CAD wood
Designing tree operations
Methods of training
Food commodity
Fundamentals of engineering and pedagogical creativity
Food Technology 
Technology of Food Products
The technology of cooking
Processes and devices of food production
Organization and maintenance of facilities restaurants
CAD Fundamentals food business
Biochemistry and Physiology of Nutrition
Processes and devices of food production
Technological equipment food industry


Contact Information:


Address 20300, Cherkasy region., Uman, str. Garden, 2, Bldg. Number 2.
Tel. (04744) 5-21-91