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Faculty of Technology and Teachers » EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL RESOURCES

  • Reading Room
  • Modern computer lab
  • Free Unlimited Internet access
  • Research Laboratory "Problems of rural labor training school"
  • Educational and methodical study of vocational education
  • Scientific center for the study of arts and crafts at school
  • Lab: "Making food", "Design and modeling of garments", "Information Technology Laboratory"
  • Offices: design, arts and crafts, agriculture
  • Workshop: artistic wood carvings, woven from plant materials, ceramics, painting on bark, wood and metal


Human resources

Teaching at the Faculty provide about 30 teachers including 8 doctors, professors and 17 Candidates of Sciences. 

Conditions for leisure activities students

The faculty has student government headed by the dean of the student. Students take an active part in public life as well as university faculty are: presentation of first-year university, student KVN Festival pedagogical skills, the festival "Student Spring" and others.
Student government is actively cooperating with the administration department, supervises the progress of students and their animation. Together with the Vice Dean for Education of the Faculty hosts a variety of festivals, competitions, discos, excursions to cities of Ukraine.




Team teaching faculty at the Festival of Excellence

Study art handicrafts