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Faculty of Technology and Teachers » Inventive Activity

Inventive Activity

Invention is one of the most important types of creative activity of man. Inventions have always been associated with the development of technical and economic potential of society and represent an important form of national heritage. Because of this growing interest in invention and research activities of representatives Technology and Faculty of Education - Professional Education and technical industries that have made a significant contribution to the treasury of national science and social progress.

In Technology and Teacher School has a creative team that deals with innovative research and inventive activities. As part of the collective professors and associate professors.




Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Azizov Talat Nuredinovych

PhD, Professor, 
Member of the Academy of Ukraine





Tkachuk Stanislav I.

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, 

Avramenko Oleg Borisovich

Ph.D., Associate Professor, 
Head of Intellectual Property


Melentyev Oleg 
Ph.D., Associate Professor,
responsible for working with 
innovative research and inventive