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Faculty of Technology and Teachers » Scientific and Methodological Center for the Study of crafts at school

Scientific and Methodological Center for the Study of crafts at school

Center for the Study of crafts at school

The head of Center Oak Natalia Vyacheslavivna - candidate of pedagogical sciences. By the staff of the Center include: teachers (7 people), school master (4 people), students (5 persons) Technology and Faculty of Education. Among them, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, master of arts and crafts Vovchenko VM
The work of teaching center we see such issues as: 
- Creating informative basis events in both the folk art center (Kyiv) and in the regions;
- The organization of the seminar, which would stimulate the exchange of experience and contributed to establishing creative links between centers of folk art;
- Establishing publishing, publishing books, teaching materials;
- Preparation and publication of dictionaries, textbooks, reference and encyclopaedias of folk art. 
In the publications of faculty and students highlighted the study of the experience of art craftsmen Ukraine, the promotion of decorative art among students of secondary schools and scientific guidance for teachers and heads of technology clubs artistic direction. In particular, the textbook "Deoratyvno and applied arts" (Oak  NV ), "The technique of patterns on a solid basis -" Izonit "(Gervasi OH) Artistic metal. Guidelines (Melentyev OB).Inlay and burning wood. Guidelines. (Melentyev OB) 
On the basis of teaching students of the center performing research results are reflected in academic papers and thesis ("Methods of ethnology use of the material in the process of serving the types of work in the elementary school", "Methods of forming creative abilities of secondary school pupils in the process of designing and manufacturing embroidered products "," Formation of national values ​​in secondary school pupils in class labor training "," research work of students of adolescence as a condition for successful learning "," Formation of creativity secondary school pupils in the design and manufacture of embroidered products ").
It has become a tradition at the Center annually methodical seminars for leaders extracurricular clubs schools Uman. "Theoretical and Practical Aspects of sectarian studies in non-school education" (2011), "Improving the teaching process management Children and Youth" (2012). 
Also held retreats "Contents and Methods of sectarian employment of labor learning in preschool education" at the school training and production plant (White Church) retreats Babanskii spent in the educational sector, where teachers learn about the organization and work groups, attend open sessions "Wicker work", "Vitinanka" and presented their own and students' work on display creative works, out visiting a seminar on Tomaszewski training and production (pp. Tomashivka) from consideration "Promoting folk decorative art among students 5 -9 classes. "
Faculty members teaching center regularly participate in exhibitions of art works of different levels: local, regional, regional: Uman, Cherkasy, m.Chyhyryn the city of Kano, the city of Kyiv. Why will receive honors and awards.