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Faculty of Technology and Teachers » Student government

Student government

Student government - a form of governance in which the student has the right to decide the internal management or elected institution that performs such control, the right of students to solve issues of internal management and have their governing bodies.

University Student Government operates to ensure that students' duties and protect their rights and promote the harmonious development of the individual student creates his skills of future teachers, education organizer, manager. 
Activities of the student government aimed at improving the educational process, quality training, education and spiritual culture of the students, the increase in students social activity.
Student Government provides an opportunity to identify and implement the most creative ability of students to form moral qualities, initiative and raise everyone's responsibility for the results of their labor.

Martsinovska Mary  -  Dean of Students


Voloshchuk Maria - Deputy Dean of Students

Procûk tetani  - cekretar


Educational research sector:

Шаварин Андрій Cherney Tetyana


Cult and entertainment sector:

Rybchak Ilya Koretska Olesya

Sports sector:

Borovyi Taras Natalie Long


Socio-residential sector:

           Dmitry Sokolvyak             Nesterenko Olena



           Olga Kostyuk            Vashenko Bogdan


Trade Union:

              Gap ' JC Oles             Misyuna Ludmila