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Student leisure

Leisure - bright page of student life

Leisure students is one of the priorities of technological and pedagogical faculty, because it takes a prominent place in a complex educational work with students. 

Leisure students based on the operation of a number of clubs, sports groups and clubs, faculty and general university levels.

Life at our faculty students filled a variety of cultural and educational events: conferences, exhibitions, fairs, quizzes, contests, concerts, various entertainment programs.

Students organize various fairs and exhibitions of arts and crafts and food products that are made ​​manually. Also interesting is the concert event, which involved the talents of our faculty. 

Students participate in traditional activities organized by the Faculty and and universities: dedication to the students, Open Day, the festival of pedagogical skills, Valentine's Day, International Students' Day, funny, Women's Day March 8, weekly faculty Festival "Student Spring" contest "Miss University" City Day, Liberation Day Uman et al.

The game "Mafia" before the student

Commemoration Day of victims of Holodomor and political repressions



 Celebrating vechornytsi

 Day speech

 March 8

 Celebration of World TB Day

 Students at 40th Anniversary of humor in Odessa