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Student Science

Research students are an integral part of the educational process in the technological and pedagogical faculty. It permeates the system of training of future teachers during the entire period of their studies in higher pedagogical institutions. The teaching staff of the department creates necessary for the development and implementation of personality of each student who wants to work in the field of education.


The Faculty operates a research laboratory "Problems of technological education secondary school students" (Department of Theory and methods of teaching technology leader - Professor Kobernik OM Coordinator - Institute of NAPS of Ukraine), on which run Master's qualification and work be discussed at meetings of the laboratory. Summary of research devoted to the conceptual foundations of technological preparation of students of secondary schools, namely:

- Scientific substantiation of the content of labor education at school;

- Scientific substantiation of the content and methods of technological preparation of high school students in specialized education;

- The content and method of formation of professional competence of future teachers.


Master Thesis Materials used in the development of methodological materials relating to the implementation of new technological content of training of students of secondary schools.The research activities of undergraduates in the lab is the foundation for their future academic growth.

The faculty are scientific center for the study of arts and crafts at school (Department of Theory and methods of teaching technology leader - Oak NV Associate ), composed of students and faculty. Together with the teachers they participate in activities aimed at promoting folk decorative art among teachers of labor studies, university students and students of secondary schools.

Students regularly participate in international and national exhibition of art works and exhibitions for the City Day, Open House, during the Week of the Faculty, which are able to present their creative achievements. As part of the center's students update the  permanent exhibition hall of the Faculty new exhibits of folk art and crafts.
On the basis of teaching students of the center performing research results are reflected in scientific articles and master and final qualifying ("Building design skills of students in the sectarian activities of the study design tape", "Formation of high school students with the skills to NOP sectarian lessons on the basics of design, "" Methods of studying the planar artistic carvings in the circle of artistic processing of materials, "" Parenting value attitude to the work of high school students by means of folk art, "" Methods of teaching students making decorative pottery using folk traditions "and others. ).
Students take an active part in international and national  student conferences and seminars.As a result of the reporting of the scientific-practical conference each year comes a collection of scientific papers "Technological education: issues, challenges and prospects".


Students who have a thorough knowledge and ability to research activities and actively participate College Scientific Society.